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NBS-AERho Executive Director Jim Wilson

bog ed jimJim Wilson, NBS-AERho Executive Director

In short, the Executive Director is the Business Manager of the organization. August 2012 marks my twelfth year in the position. My association with the organization goes back to 1982.

The longer version of my duties includes the following: I'm responsible for an office which communicates with approximately 70 chapters and 1100+ members, provides promotional material, plans conventions, tries to recruit new chapters and organizes events. Legal and financial records as well as several databases are updated regularly. We file documents with the IRS, review options for the 2013, 2014 and 2015 national conventions, negotiate contracts, prepare reports, participate in conference calls (with organizational leaders and members), communicate with NBS-AERho members and external publics (about 500 e-mails and 100 phone calls a week during the school year), conduct accounts billable and receivable operations, maintain an organizational database, and manage corporate banking and documentation.

The national office was located in the basement of my home. (It picked up the nickname Intergalactic Global World Headquarters of the National Broadcasting Society – Alpha Epsilon Rho.) In April 2012, on the evening of the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic, water from a heavy rainstorm forced a relocation of the office. The "public" office is now in an office building in Chesterfield, Missouri, although I still do some work out of the former IGWHQ which is also located in Chesterfield.

The national office also includes a very limited part-time staff and warehouses four shelves of promotional materials, four shelves of AV equipment (used for the national convention), five filing cabinets of documentation, three six-foot bookcases with 140 three-ring binders, three computers, four printers, three supply cabinets, and pictures of my family.

My workload is heavy mid-August to mid-September and then evens out until the holidays. From January 2 until several weeks after the national convention, I'm working 60-80 hours a week. So my response time on calls and e-mails varies by schedule.

I enjoy my job and I am gratified to have the privilege to work with people in this organization.

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